about me

🌻 Hi, I’m Rebecca. When I started my masters degree in education, I told my University of Cambridge advisor that I wanted to change the world by changing U.S. curriculum for schoolchildren. Children are, after all, our future. My first child was born a few weeks before graduation and my perspective shifted. Suddenly, this little human was all that mattered. With the support of my hot husband, I eventually left a job in curriculum writing to stay home with (by then) our three boys. Although I will still gladly talk about the need for education reform in schools something about being a parent made my faith all the more weighty. Watching these little souls grow showed me how Jesus already changed the world and how I best serve Him when I train up my children to love God, and write to share the Good News with others. 🌻

My favorite topics
  • 🌻 Christian parenting
  • 🌻 Community
  • 🌻 Deep dive studies of the Word
  • 🌻 Becoming more like Jesus