the meaning of life

The burning questions of humanity: Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?

Christianity answers all of these, yet hardly any Christians actually talk about the truths they know. We ‘hide our lamps’ and are ‘ashamed of the Gospel,’ even though the Scriptures we claim to follow warn us against those very things (Matthew 5:15, Romans 1:16).

How is it showing God’s love to a hurting world if we hide the answers that could save humanity?

Christianity changes everything. The troubles of the world no longer seem dire; the purpose of humanity is suddenly clear.

We don’t need to be the next Mother Teresa to fulfill our calling. For some, it may be that grand and wide-scale, but for most it is not. Our faithfulness, our calling, our purpose here, is lived out daily. For those with small kids like me, that may be in the inglorious trenches of motherhood – in the sippy cups and endless snacks and toys scattered perpetually across the rug.

It matters. It all matters. Those who are faithful with little will also be faithful with much (Luke 16:10). Our Christianity is made manifest in the insignificant and the truth of our faith is something we should shout from the rooftops. He is mighty to save. He is all that matters and He asks this of us – to live faithfully, whatever our lives and duties are, and to tell the world of His love, and their need of Him.